April 2017 Update

Hello. For those who don't know, making movies usually takes longer than you think it's going to take. As I write these words, we have completed 10 edits, and I just wrote a bunch of new scenes which we'll be filming in less than 2 weeks. Back in December, we thought we may just need … Continue reading April 2017 Update

Postproduction – Editing (Chapter 2)

Roughly 2 months ago, we wrapped production on Other Versions of You (for those of you keeping score at home). And now here we are, about to round the board again and hit a new year. What does 2017 look like for Other Versions of You? Great question. I have no idea. Well, I have … Continue reading Postproduction – Editing (Chapter 2)

Postproduction – Editing (Chapter 1)

Around 4 weeks ago, we finished production of Other Versions of You. I feel like so much time has passed since that late Friday evening when we rolled our last shot of the film, which wasn't actually the last shot of the film, but I digress. As of right now, we have approximately 10 scenes … Continue reading Postproduction – Editing (Chapter 1)

Production Day 16

For these last 3 days of shooting Other Versions of You, we've hunkered down (that's a phrase, right?) in a lovely house deep in the heart of East Nashville. It's a quiet street (yes!). There's plenty of free parking. It's a nice way to wrap up the production, especially after some of the madness we've encountered … Continue reading Production Day 16

Production Day 14

Any large, longterm project can often have what I like to call the "family effect," which, in the most simple terms, means everyone involved becomes part of your extended family. Those you don't work with directly all day are like distant cousins, and those you spend all your time with become brothers and sisters. In some … Continue reading Production Day 14