Preproduction Day 1 or Everything Up to Today

This really isn’t Day 1, but for the purposes of this blog/diary/journal, we’ll call today Day 1.

I’m currently in the process if making my 2nd feature film called Other Versions of You. I wrote the novel in 2011, turned it into a screenplay in 2012, and I’ve been working on the screenplay since then. In March of 2015, a really interesting opportunity arose, and I started having conversations with Ryan Hartsock and David Perry about the idea of finally making this film. In the summer of 2015, we started seeking funding for the film and secured all of the funding in March of 2016. Our first day of production is October 4.

So much has happened since the idea popped into my head. And now here we are, deep into preproduction.

Here’s a quick and truncated summary of what has happened up to this point:

  1. I wrote a script. And then tweaked it for years.
  2. David, Ryan, and I put together an exhaustive and extensive prospectus/pitch book. David and Ryan spent so much time making this thing sing.
  3. Our first investors came on board. They are awesome.
  4. We had so many conversations. So many. And then we found our other investor.
  5. After getting funding, our next step was to find a line producer/UPM. And boy did we find a good one.
  6. Around this same time we started getting several (wonderful) people on board. We’re still hiring some of them even as I type. We are building a fantastic team.
  7. Two weeks from today we have our tech scout. The tech scout is where several of the department heads visit all of the locations, and we discuss how we’re going use the space and move in the space and decorate and light the space. We have a lot of locations.
  8. Three weeks from tomorrow is our first day of shooting. We haven’t secured that location yet.
  9. We have 20 days of production, filling up most of October.
  10. We have our 4 main actors cast. We’re in the process of casting the rest.
  11. We’re in the process of securing locations. This is kind of nerve-racking, but I feel good about our team and several of our options.
  12. Everything costs money. Even the free things aren’t free.
  13. We’re hopefully close to choosing our lenses for the film. I’m kind of excited about lenses.
  14. Did I mention we’re putting together an incredible team? We are.
  15. Finding money to finance a film is very very tough. Very. I’m thankful.
  16. (Unrelated to production) I put a bid on a new house the other day, and we put our house on the market two days ago. And I’m making a feature film in three weeks. Sometimes life throws everything at you at once. Okay, life.

That’s all for now.


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