Preproduction Day 5

First of all, Other Versions of You has a new website. This has been one of my self-appointed preproduction tasks this past week. I wanted to go with something super clean and simple, so I did. I’ve also updated all of our social media. I feel like I scrubbed everything down and brought it back to the shiny newness it never had.

The first rule of making a *good* film is this: surround yourself with amazing people. It sounds simple, but it’s incredibly tricky. It takes years to find these unicorns. On occasion, you’ll luck out and find some of them early, but never stop looking for the most amazing people you can find.

Once you find some incredible teammates, find more. Hopefully some, if not all, of these people know more fantastic people. This is how good films are made. I’m ridiculously excited about the team we’re assembling, and I hope I get to make films with several of these people for many years to come.

Today, we scouted a few locations, and we’re hopefully close to making some big decisions. Our trickiest location item is finding the right coffee shop. Hell, it doesn’t have to even be a coffee shop. It just needs to be the right space. We film for 4 days in the space, so a lot of it will show up in the movie, so we want it to look amazing. There are cost factors and hour of operation factors and time factors and lighting factors to consider.

Another thing I’m close to finishing is an infographic illustrating how parallel universes work (at least the theory I’m using for this film). Many writers approach it different ways, but the theory I’m using is called the Many Worlds Interpretation. This is different than a few of my favorite movies or series have used, but it’s a theory I’ve pondered often. So often, in fact, I wrote a novel and a screenplay about it (or at least centered around the idea of people being able to travel between them). I hope to have this infographic done soon, and it will appear in the film. I’ll post it here as well.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me, but I’m looking forward to everything. There isn’t a day I dread, which is an amazing feeling.

Tonight for dinner: Black beans and rice with homemade guacamole. Maybe a little bourbon.


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