Preproduction Day 6

I started today with a viewing of 500 Days of Summer. I first heard of this film when it screened at the Nashville Film Festival in 2009. I didn’t have the privilege of seeing it there, sadly, but I have seen it several times since. I like the nonlinear editing and many of the scenes. It is a little forced at times, and often the characters feel like characters in a film rather than people, but I still enjoy the film.

I met with wardrobe and hair and make up today. There’s a “gas crisis” in Nashville (and the whole East Coast?) right now due to some gas leak in Alabama, so my in person meeting turned into a Google Hangout, and it was fine. Great, even.

The three of us discussed so many characters and scenes. It’s incredible how much of this film lives in my head, and now my job is to transmit that information to all the other people who are going help me bring it to life. Part of the process is also listening to their ideas and dreams about the characters and how they look and letting everyone help speak into what we’re making. It’s such a beautiful collaboration.

Tomorrow I have some location scouting and many, many hours with the editor a head of me. I couldn’t be more excited to continue to move forward on this film.

Thanks for reading.


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