Preproduction Day 7

Tomorrow we move into our office space. This is the first *official* week of preproduction for our crew, even though several of us have been at it for months. I’m not exactly sure what to expect this week, as I’ve never really had the luxury of having a team of this size help in preproduction.

I met with one of the producers, David Perry, at a possible location today. I’m super excited about this location, and I really hope we can make it work.

After that meeting, I made my way to my editor’s home, where we had a planning and dreaming session, as we’re prone to do. I’ve worked with this editor on several projects, and I’m super happy he’s able to work on this film. He’s the type of collaborator who will push back when you ask for something that may not be the best but will also be quick to agree with you when you make a good point. And we have very similar sensibilities.

I have a big week ahead, so I’m calling it for today. I didn’t get to watch anything of note this morning (apart from a quick episode of 30 Rock, which was nice). Wait. I take that back. I did try to watch the first episode of The Get Down. I got about 30 minutes in and decided I wasn’t feeling it. I may give it another try one day, but it kind of felt like a hot, chaotic mess with some potential.

Tomorrow may include an early morning showing of The World’s End.


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