Preproduction Day 8

Here’s a little secret: after watching The World’s End by Edgar Wright a 2nd time, I still don’t really care for it. I appreciate the craft and the editing and the acting, but the film does not resonate with me. I have 3 Edgar Wright films in my top 25 (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz), so I’m a huge fan, but I just have a hard time liking The World’s End. Part of what I want to do as a filmmaker is create a likable character; someone you want to win. I don’t really want any of these people to win, which kind of takes away from the enjoyment of the film for me.

Today was a big day. We moved into our offices! It was borderline surreal to watch all these amazing people working their asses off to help make a film I wrote and will be directing. There were at least 8 of us in the office today, each of us working on a set of tasks and intersecting with each other often to help each other complete our own lists. It was fluid and beautiful. At 6pm, when I finally tried to sneak away so I could grab a quick meal with my family, the hive was still buzzing.

Here are just a few of the things we did today:

  1. Had our first preproduction meeting. We discussed how we will be paying for things, including our process and how money flow works.
  2. I went over the shooting schedule with our AD so she could send it out to everyone. We made several last minute tweaks before she sent it out, and our meeting was preempted by a meeting she had with our script supervisor. Meetings giving birth to more meetings.
  3. I spent several hours with our Production Designer discussing locations and filling those locations with art and furniture that matches the personalities of each character. The locations themselves are characters, and finding the right ones is like casting your film. There are nuances. Shapes. Colors.
  4. Speaking of locations, we are getting closer. I feel we had a few breakthroughs today.
  5. We’re still trying to cast the film, so we’ve been working on finding the best way to fill the missing roles. This seems to be a daily event, and will continue to be something on our minds until all the paperwork has been filled out and the ink has dried.
  6. I love our office space and the people helping us with it. There are sound stages here so we can do casting calls and table reads. There are conference rooms for when there are more than 3 of us needing to chat. And internet. Fast internet.
  7. My assistant (who is WAY more than a mere assistant) starts tomorrow. I’m looking forward to figuring out our rhythm.
  8. I posted a photo on Instagram, so, yeah. That really has nothing to do with anything.
  9. We’re trying to find the best temporary tattoos for one of our characters. Tattoos which look real and awesome. This is a tricky task.

I’m exhausted. I can’t wait for more tomorrow.


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