Preproduction Day 10

Today we start with yesterday.

We had a really great table read last night. Cast members, some crew, some investors, and some friends were in attendance, participating in their own, special ways. We’re making a film, and this is a great starting point to help us hear and feel the story as it begins to take shape in the form of preproduction, location securing, and filling out the rest of the cast (as well as the 10000000 other things happening behind the scenes).

We have an incredible facility that is hosting us during preproduction and production. We have offices and access to studios, as well as several other amenities. My words are kind of feeble trying to explain how stellar this is for our team. Trust me: It’s very, very good. Even better.

The table read lasted for several hours, and after some conversations, a few of us went out to a nice, East Nashville bar and had some drinks and conversation.

Due to said drinks and conversation late last night, I didn’t get a chance to watch anything this morning. My first task (outside of breakfast and emails and such) was to meet our team for a location scout. I think we found several perfect locations today. I’m incredibly excited.

The afternoon was filled with meetings and conversations and choosing tattoos for characters and changing shoot days and dreaming and more meetings. We are also preparing for casting calls. I love actors. I’m excited to see some known and unknown faces over the next few days, and I’m even more ecstatic to start finalizing our cast. And our locations. And so many other things.

I feel obligated to say this: Making a movie is really tough. There are so many moving parts and schedules and things that cost money and things that require calling in favors. I also must say this: Having the right team around you makes this feel so much more manageable. Without this team, we wouldn’t be able to make the film we want to make. It’s humbling and wonderful.

Finally for today, I want to talk about the people who are merely helping. We have several people who are just jumping into the process and helping and being a part of it. I’m so honored to watch so many talented and giving people step into holes and fill them with their awesomeness.

So much to do. Going to bed and getting up early to dive back into the goodness.


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