Preproduction Day 11

Thursday: the flank steak of weekdays. I had meatballs for dinner, though, for those keeping score at home. And for those just joining the conversation, I’m deep into preproduction on my next feature film, Other Versions of You.

On this Thursday, I spent a lot of time with various team members, working through so many items. A film is essentially a million tiny items and decisions smashed together into one beautiful (or horrific in some cases) symphony of organized chaos. I’m amazed at how this team is organizing the chaos. I’m so grateful for the people pouring time into this film.

We did our first round of casting today. We have more casting tomorrow. I love the actors in this city (Nashville). We have so much talent. I can’t even begin to explain how many difficult decisions we’re going to have to make in the casting department. We already have our main cast in place, and now we’re exploring several options to fill out the rest of the cast.

I saw a video essay called “34  Creative Cuts from Stranger Things” the other day. This prompted me to re-watch the first episode this morning during my morning watch time (I woke up a little later than usual due to some middle of the night party my daughter decided to throw), so I used my single hour as wisely as I could think. It’s such a great show.

Until tomorrow.



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