Preproduction Day 13

Every time I watch About Time, I love it more. It has almost everything I love in a film: Great acting, fun and heartfelt story, killer sets, unbridled emotion, and a great ending. I even moved it into my top 15 films of all time this morning (yes, I rank almost everything).

What I’m not a fan of is Richard Curtis’s decision to shoot the film quasi-handheld. I understand why people shoot films this way (at least in theory), but here’s how I look at it: When you are looking at something, your eyes lock onto it. You may move your head around, but whatever you’re looking at is in a fixed position, and I feel a camera should do that same thing. Luckily the motion in this film is minimal. Some handheld films our out of control and make me physically ill watching them. Motion sickness. I just feel About Time would have been an even better film had they done more locked off shots and sliders or dolly shots. Honestly, it may be the only thing about the film I don’t love. The framing is fantastic. I love the film.

I tried to spend some time with the family today, as a part of my “downtime” plan. We enjoyed some Dim Sum for lunch, and I got a fortune in my cookie which read “No obstacles will stand in the way of your success this month.” I like that one. It feels like an odd promise from a distant land.


Apart from some family time, I did have a few conversations, including a nice chat with my wardrobe supervisor. There are a lot of characters in this film, and most of them are various versions of the same character in different parallel universes, so getting every version to feel different, yet have some semblance of “sameness” to them is quite the challenge I have given to the team.

Everyone has gladly met the challenge.

Tomorrow is filled with more adventure, including some grocery shopping. Monday is our first day of tech scout. It’s all happening.

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