Preproduction Day 15 (and 16)

I started Monday morning with one of my favorite “dialogue” movies, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I just love this film.

These last 2 days have been soooo busy. Monday and Tuesday were filled to the brim with our tech scout. A tech scout is when you get several department heads together to visit all of the locations and talk through what will be on screen and how it will look. That, of course, is a huge oversimplification, but that is the essence.

It’s incredible to see every department come together and explore each space with the mindset of teaming up with me and the producers to make this film the absolute best it can be within the budget we have.

Every moment of the last 2 days seemed to be filled with tough decisions which will shape the production and the film in general. I can’t express how vital and wonderful it is to have people surrounding me who care so much about what we’re doing here.

Last night, I got together with the producers and we worked on trimming the script until around 1am.

Tonight, many of the great people working on this film got together to celebrate my birthday. I feel like I’m saying it a lot, but I’m very thankful.

A week from today we start shooting the feature film.

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