Preproduction Day 19

It started with an early morning meeting with producers to make one final pass at the script. Here’s how it works: The shooting script starts out white. The writer locks it. Now, any changes made and sent out in the next wave will be blue. This allows people to only print the new pages and put them into the script. The next wave is pink, and so on. We’re on the 3rd round, and every page that has changes on it changes colors. 60 pink pages today.

I wrote a new scene today, and I’m happy with it.

I hope we’re close to done making tweaks. I’m sure we’ll do one more pass before we finish, but I think the script is in great shape right now. Very happy.

The afternoon was filled with questions, paperwork, meetings, and more questions. Most of the departments are in full swing, and Monday is our last day of prep before shooting. I just saw a bunch of the art that will be in our film. So cool. Tons of local artists.

I’m taking tomorrow “off” to spend the day with the family. We might go to a cave. Or a strange little zoo thing. I’m not exactly sure what is going to happen, but I will do my best to unplug for a day so I can be fully ready for the madness that will happen next week.

I’m making a film next week.

I’ve been so deep in this, that I often have to remind myself to step back and realize what a privilege it is to be making a film.



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