Production Day 18 – Final Day

On Day 18, we found ourselves at the last day of shooting the film Other Versions of You. There we were, staring at the end, wondering what was next. The day started with a lunch meeting with the producers. We spoke of so many things: How production has gone up to this final day of … Continue reading Production Day 18 – Final Day

Production Day 17

The second to last day of production is complete. We stayed ahead of schedule most of the day, cut something we were planning on shooting (which was a good move), and even wrapped a bit early. With only one day left, I write this with a somewhat heavy heart. This has been an unforgettable experience … Continue reading Production Day 17

Production Day 16

For these last 3 days of shooting Other Versions of You, we've hunkered down (that's a phrase, right?) in a lovely house deep in the heart of East Nashville. It's a quiet street (yes!). There's plenty of free parking. It's a nice way to wrap up the production, especially after some of the madness we've encountered … Continue reading Production Day 16

Production Day 14

Any large, longterm project can often have what I like to call the "family effect," which, in the most simple terms, means everyone involved becomes part of your extended family. Those you don't work with directly all day are like distant cousins, and those you spend all your time with become brothers and sisters. In some … Continue reading Production Day 14

Production Day 12

Day 12 was filled with unicorns and werewolf kisses and the sweet smell of bacon as it lingers in your home after a particularly special breakfast. We're really moving now. We're knocking out scene after scene, and I'm trying to soak in every moment. Savor each take and set up. Day 12 introduced a new … Continue reading Production Day 12