Preproduction – The Weekend Before Production

It’s the weekend before we start filming Other Versions of You. It’s been a quiet weekend for me, as I try to get away from the production and spend a little time with my family. This next month with be intense (I’ll probably work 12-15 hour days), so capitalizing on the free moments is vital.

On Saturday, I took a little road trip with the family to Bowling Green, Kentucky. I know. Odd choice, right? We went to some cave/Australian themed zoo there and hung out with kangaroos. It was a nice drive, and my mind stayed off of the film (mostly).

Today I’m feeling restless. It’s a huge week. There are still several unknowns. Conversations here and there. Pieces falling into place. I feel like I’ve used the phrase “the calm before the storm” a lot, but this is truly it.

We’re going to make burgers and tots tonight. I will eat them slowly and savor these last few moments of quiet.


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