Preproduction – Last Day

Today was the last day of preproduction. Tomorrow is our first day of principal photography (aka – we’re making a movie!). For many on our team, they were frantically packing and moving and preparing for tomorrow. For others, we were scouting a new location and going over shot lists and our first week with a magnifying glass.

One of our actors flew into town today. Our production office is trying to finalize a ton of items. The producers are doing everything they can to get some things in order. It’s like watching a hurricane dance and twist around a city without doing much damage. It’s beautiful and terrifying.

The last several days I’ve been anxious. Not worried. Not afraid of anything. I’m just ready to begin. I am as ready as I’ve ever been to make a film. I’ve never had the luxury of this amount of planning, and the anticipation is weighing on me. It’s like clink clink clinking to the top of the rollercoaster. Tomorrow we crest over the the top of the hill and plunge into the crazy.

Our team is focused and excited.

Tomorrow I get to start making the film I’ve been trying to make for 5 years.


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