Production Day 3

It all worked out. We got every shot we wanted to get as well as a few more. It was a day of beautiful shots and layered performances.

Making a film can be incredibly repetitious. Sometimes you shoot the same scene over and over again in several set ups. Sometimes you’re waiting on lights or hair /make up or art or the sun to set or the tiny yappy dog a floor up to stop barking or any one of a hundred things. I’m so thankful for the team around me, in the slow times and the sprinting moments. We sprinted several times today.

And life does not stop because you’re lost in the world of making a film. Family members want to see you. Someone breaks into your car and steals important things. You get a parking ticket. Your bed wants to snuggle.

One of the things I love about my team is how they try to shelter me from all of the chaos happening in the walls of the production. At the end of each day, I often find out about some terrible thing several people dealt with.

I’ve fallen asleep 3 times at my computer while typing this. I’m going to bed, but know this: we captured several nuggets of magic today. I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.




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