Production Day 5

When I arrived on set this morning, I thought today was going to be pretty easy and manageable. The sun was out. It was kind of cool outside. Some nice stranger winked at me. Baby bears were probably born today.

We did some incredible things today. I got to make a movie with my friends, new and old. Not that my friends are old; we’ve just been friends for a while.

Our set today was filled with many lovely and wonderful faces. Several of them had makeup on them, and there may have been a person dressed as a waffle.

We shot many green screen shots today as well, which is somewhat of a mystery to me. It’s basically magic.

I love actors. I got to work with several fantastic ones today.

Tomorrow is our largest extras day. It’s also the opening shot of Other Versions of You.

I need some sleep. I wish I could spend some time telling you about the delicate intricacies of shooting green screen, or talk to you about the precision it takes to expertly deliver a perfect steady cam performance, but instead I’ll leave you with this:

Treat people with respect. Be filled with gratitude. Give out hugs. Watch what you say, even in the heat of the moment. Always be looking for opportunities, but be wise when looking into them. Make good friends in life. Make good things in life.

Sleep when you can.


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