Production Day 6

Today we shot the opening scene of Other Versions of You, which, if you haven’t been following along up to this point, is a feature film we’re making right now. And today was day 6.

We had many, many extras today, and they were a dream. At least 5 of them were children (one of them being my daughter). She REALLY wanted to be a flower girl, and I’m not sure she knows what that means, but we put some flowers in her hair, and she did just fine.

We shot in slow motion, into the golden sun, doing our best to create this magical moment for our opening. There were bubbles and sparklers and confetti. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a unicorn trot across the grassy areas around the staircase.

And then we wrote a new scene. Right there on set. We mulled it over some salad. Then we shot the new scene. I wish I could explain more about it, but it’s kind of daunting and wild to think of how people will just trust me. I fully feel the weight and responsibility of it, and I do everything in my power to respect it as often as possible.

It was a really fun day. The weather as incredible. The sun sparkled on camera focus. Our extras were so accommodating.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day, as we have our first day of shooting for a new character. We’re also shooting in a beautiful location.

The sleep creatures are calling to me.


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