Production Day 7

Day 7 of production on Other Versions of you. We filmed one of the early scenes of the film and then immediately filmed one of the last scenes of the film. When you make a film, you generally don’t film chronologically. You film by location. Sometimes that location is early, in the middle of the film, and then again at the end. That was today for us.

Our art department is crushing it. They work so hard to make everything different and look like you want to pause in every environment and soak up the goodness. All the departments are in stride right now. The lighting and camera and wardrobe and makeup and all of the people coordinating people… it’s spectacular to watch.

We’re moving fast. Faster than I thought we would be for some reason. Often, our actors are only getting a few takes on each set up, and they are giving us really great stuff. There’s a lot left to film, and every day I meet with various team members (mostly producers and our AD department) to see what we can do better. I want more takes for our actors, but sometimes we don’t get them.

Today I’m going to try something new to see if I can get the actors where I need them (and where they want to be) before we fly them to set. Each day is a new day to try to get better at our process. But every location and environment offers a different set of challenges we have to overcome. We’re often fighting the sun and traffic.

Side note: loud cars and dogs and people with thick rumbling bass and people yelling out the windows while we are shooting on a street are all the things nightmares are made of in my heart right now. We have minimal takes and people drive by and often (intentionally!) ruin a take. Someone drove by as we were filming the LAST scene of the movie and yelled “Go back to LA!” Apart from one of our actors (at this point), almost everyone on our cast and crew is from Nashville. We’re a Tennessee production. Not that they care. They just want to “be funny.” It’s not funny, guy.

Day 8 will be fun. It’s a lighter day, but we’ll see a lot of varied versions of Suzette (one of our lead actors – the reason our hero is traveling through parallel universes). Day 9 will be very tricky. I’m trying to not let Day 9 get in my head right now, so I can fully enjoy and be in Day 8.



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