Production Day 8

Today was a breath of fresh air. We filmed at an incredible house (owned by the best people), and we knocked out a bunch of scenes. We weren’t rushed. The light was gorgeous. We got ahead of schedule and stayed ahead of schedule. It was a real boost for everyone, and our last scene of the day (a tricky one) had plenty of time to play out. We even wrapped early, which is fantastic, because we have a 7:30am call time tomorrow.

I want to talk about tomorrow, but I’ll wait.

The morning started with me putting The Postal Service in my CD player in my car and listening to several treasures on there. I haven’t listened to it in quite a while, so it was nice. After arriving on set, several big decisions were made, lights and flags put into place, and we shot our first scene. There was laughter.

At some point in the morning, I ate a snack. The fun thing about being on set is there are snacks. It’s one of the fun things. There are several fun things. Snacks are fun. I’m trying to eat the healthy ones, and usually I just want something a little salty, but I find myself eating suckers every day for some reason. Also salty things when I can find them.

Tomorrow is a tough one. Several bar scenes. We need a slew of extras. We have to wrangle movement for extras while trying to capture lines and performances from the actors.

And after tomorrow, we have 2 days off. I’m looking forward to those days off, but I have a feeling I’ll still be doing a little work.

I’m not sure I even know what the “actual” day is right now.

PS – I usually write these late at night after 12-14 days of working, so sometimes I don’t finish sentences or say strange things. Thanks to those who send messages to help keep things straight.

PSS – I’m not giving up. Not even a little. Good try, The Postal Service…


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