Production Day 9

The end of today marked the halfway point for Other Versions of You. Half of the film (probably more than half) is sitting on hard drives, waiting to be cut together into a conglomerate of goodness.

We filmed all of our bar scenes today. This is a film that takes place in parallel universes, and there are a few times our characters find themselves at this cool bar. We originally had ourselves slated to film a different bar, but due some circumstances (they weren’t explained to me, because my producers are incredible and don’t burden me with things that don’t help me), we filmed at The Crying Wolf in East Nashville. This is the 2nd time I’ve had the privilege of filming here, and it’s a killer spot. There’s a chance some of our coolest footage was filmed here (but of course I feel that almost every day).

We had a bunch of pages to get through today (aka – a ton of dialogue and several set ups). I wasn’t sure how the day would go, as I’m not sure every day. Each day is an adventure in and of itself. Sometimes the days that look easy are tough, and the tough days are cake. Today wasn’t cake, as we were moving at a quick and nimble pace. We somehow managed to get everything I wanted, and every department was hitting on all cylinders. Even though the location was beautiful to begin with,  our art and G&E department found ways to constantly increase how amazing this place could look and feel.

We’re very close to wrapping one of the actresses. This is very sad to me, because when you are so close to people like you are when you’re working on a film, you become attached to them. I’ve very attached to these incredible people, and the idea of losing one of them is tough.

We filmed some incredible things today. I can’t wait for you to see them. I’m talking to producers right about about re-filming a scene we shot the first week. We honestly don’t have time to do it, but there are some scenes and situations that are so important, you start talking about doing the crazy thing (especially on such a small budget): filming scenes you’ve already filmed. Sigh. They call these “reshoots,” and most productions are able to budget for them. We’re always hoping we never have to do them, because they are a huge pain.

We have a 2 day weekend, which means we start up again on Sunday. I’m longing for the break, but I also can’t wait to keep going. And I don’t want it to end. Each day is so tough, but so rewarding. I’m incredibly thankful for our cast and crew. I know I say it a ton, but I really mean it, and I try to tell each of them as often as I can. We wouldn’t be making this film without them.

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