Production Day 12

Day 12 was filled with unicorns and werewolf kisses and the sweet smell of bacon as it lingers in your home after a particularly special breakfast.

We’re really moving now. We’re knocking out scene after scene, and I’m trying to soak in every moment. Savor each take and set up. Day 12 introduced a new actress to the fold. She flew in from LA the day before, came onto set and met everyone (including me and the actors she would be doing scenes with that day), and she crushed it. Her two most daunting tasks for the day involved kissing a stranger and handling someone’s baby. Both of these acts were done on screen for everyone to watch. Several times.

I got to spend some time with some of the actors and the producers after the shoot today. I cherish the off moments with the cast and crew almost as much as the moments on set. This is the human part of working on something. People. Without people, we don’t get to make films. If it weren’t for incredible people coming together to make the words on paper come to life, I would only write – never leaving my house.

I will continue to savor every moment of this production, and then I get the privilege of watching these memories over and over again in post production. As I told the actors at dinner, I will know their faces, words, and movements so well when this is over, while they will move on with their lives and the next projects. When we all see each other again, I will be so close to them, and we will have a movie.

But for now, I’m enjoying every moment, and doing everything I can to not let the hiccups of production pull me out of this incredible space I find myself in these days.

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