Production Day 13

Making a movie has an infinite number of challenges. Here’s a list just off the top of my head:

  • Time – You never have enough time. We do our best to give our crew and actors enough time to get everything done in the best possible way, but (in my experience) you never have enough time.
  • Light – When you don’t have the budget for all the lights in the universe, your using the sun as one of your main sources, especially when you’re filming day for day. The funny thing about the sun is it eventually hides behind buildings and then it’s gone.
  • Sound – Something I’ve learned on this production is Nashville is one of the noisiest places on the earth. Everyone is building something at all hours of the day. Saws and trucks backing up and hammering and huge vehicles with loud engines fill the air no matter what part of the city we try to film. Airplanes. Helicopters. And THEN there’s the workout studio next door who doesn’t care about the fact that we’re making a film and turns their music to 11, when 8 would be just fine.
  • The elusive hunt for the perfect storm – In order for a movie to happen, every department has to stride in harmony at the same time the cast is delivering their best take of the day.
  • People – We’re all human beings. We have feelings and emotions and passions and stuff in our lives. We do our best to hide the bad stuff from each other for the greater good, but sometimes you can’t hide the fact that something crappy is happening in your private life. Or your set life. People are people. It’s the best and sometimes worst part about making any sort of collaborative art. I will say this, though: our cast and crew have been incredible. The “people” factor has been one of the least of our concerns on this film shoot.

Day 13 had the regular amount of challenges, but we had some incredible moments. We decided to reshoot a scene we shot on Day 3 in a brand new location, and it ended up being one of the best choices we have made. Our actors dropped magic on us, while the room and lighting cooperated in a wonderful blend of pure goodness.

We have 5 production days left (a total of 18 shooting days), and we’ve wrapped several of our actors, but we just wrapped one of our main actors who has been involved in this film since the beginning of our long process. She’s on her way back to LA, and it’s incredibly bittersweet. I will spend the next several months watching her perform while we edit the film, but that’s it for now. One of the best things about making a film is building relationships and connections with those who give everything they have to bring the words on paper to life. And it’s more than just the film. It’s life.

There’s one more day of shooting this week, and then we have four days off before starting our final week. I’m doing everything I can to savor every moment. Each one. Each hello and goodbye. Each location. Each prop and take.

This film is going to be beautiful, and I’m incredibly grateful for everyone who is contributing to make it so. Thank you.

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