Production Day 15

The first day of the last week of production of Other Versions of You is officially in the books. I’m not sure who owns these books or where I can find them, but I’m sure they’re a titillating read filled with twists and turns and adventure.

Day 15 was a day of several firsts and a few seconds. We had a new actor come to set and deliver a fantastic performance as the character who is the catalyst for our hero’s journey. I had never had the privilege of working with this actor before, and it was a pleasure. Like most of the things we’ve captured on this crazy adventure, I can’t wait for you to see it.

We also got to have a few Nashville actors (who are incredible people) show up to set to be “prominent extras.” Let’s talk about extras and background and unions and rules. Being a low budget film, we only have so much money. It’s simple math. Part of how we are able to stay on budget is we had to minimize the amount of speaking roles in the film. This was one of the first conversations we had with our Line Producer. SAG-AFTRA has very specific rules which we have had to abide by to make this film. Many of these rules I think are fantastic. They keep us on schedule. They make sure we don’t work ridiculous hours. But part of it means I can’t put many of the uber-talented Nashville actors I love working with on screen with any dialogue. I can’t even give them credit in the film if they appear on screen unless we give them lines, pay them, and go through SAG-AFTRA. Once again, I understand why these things are in place, but I really appreciate these actors, and I would love to do more for them than our budget allows.

I was watching an episode of Black Mirror recently (an episode called “San Junipero”), and after spending several weeks with background extras, I noticed how incredible the background actors were in this. The super kind people who show up on set and wander around while the AD department is giving them direction are incredible people. We have now completed all of the scenes involving background players. I’m very thankful for them.

After a few scenes with many extras and some friends gracing our film with their lovely faces, we reshot a scene. It was (is) a very important scene to the film. As a matter of fact, since we were reshooting this scene, we added a few other versions of it.

What I’ve tried to do during filming (when time and schedule permits) is create “other versions” of the story. I want to give us as many options in post production as possible. I think we have 6 or 7 possible endings to the film. The fun thing is, I’m not sure which one we will use. It really depends on a thousand different factors, so I’m glad we have the options.

We also hit our 100th roll of film (or our 100th card – whatever). This was fun because we broke out some champagne and toasted each other. So much fun.

After filming tonight, we went to our final location and did a lighting scout with our keys. From this point on, we’ll only be in one location.

And after all of that, I went out with the other producers (David Perry and Ryan Hartsock), and we discussed the future, as well as the day. It was a super fun day. We’ve been talking about what’s next for a while, but we’re really starting to feel the need to think forward. What happens with the film when we’re done (we have several ideas and things in motion, but we’re always talking about it). We also discussed the next projects we want to start tackling and what does all of it look like…

We have 3 days of filming left. I’m thankful every day I get to do this.

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