After Production

Almost a week has passed since we wrapped production on Other Versions of You. I feel like so much and yet nothing has happened since then. Both are true in odd ways.

On Sunday, October 30, Halloween Eve, we had a wrap party. That was a lot of fun. We drank beverages. We ate snacks. We said nice things to one another. We received crew t-shirts made by our Key Grip, Maxx Shores. We sang karaoke (personally, I sang Cake – The Distance, and then did a duet with Andy Wells – Easy Lover by Philip Bailey and Phil Collins).

Here’s what was particularly great about the evening: Getting to tell the cast and crew how much their hard work and attention to detail means to me. I did this behind a microphone. I did this in person. I did it as much as I could. This film would not have happened (and happened in a magical way) had it not been for the craftsmanship and dedication of these wonderful people.

As you can imagine, a few people maybe consumed a bit too much of the sauce, a few people (including myself) sang a bit off key, an after party happened inside of a smokey bar where every patron was consuming 5 times the normal amount of nicotine than normal, and overall – goodness happened.

So now what?

My house is still for sale. I watched all of the new episodes of Black Mirror. I played with some Playmobil characters. I’m listening to a lot of music. I’ve taken several walks with my family. I early voted.

We start walking toward the next goal. Confidently and with a fire inside of our blood pumpers. I am about to start spending copious amounts of time with our editor, Ken Conrad. Will we eat sandwiches? Probably. We’ll also be watching everything we captured and matching it up with the other things we captured, and when we’re done, we’ll have a rough cut. I hope that rough cut comes together sooner rather than later. I have high hopes, actually.

I’m working with the producers and other post-related items, such as thinking toward festivals and distribution.

I’m meeting with our composer to start shaping the music aspect of the film.

Kris Wente (who plays the lead character, Diggsy) and I did a podcast today with Nashville Film Radio. I’ll post a link to it when it’s live. We talked about making this film, if you can believe it.

We’re already starting to look toward the next project. The script is being honed right now, and we’ll have it ready soon. Our hope is that this next film we do is much larger than the last.

I’m also looking for some commercial work (if you have any leads or anything, that would be great).

We’re not stopping. This last week has felt like the long deep breath before you go under the surface again.

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