Production Day 2

This day, day 2 of production on Other Versions of You, started out with a delicious cup of coffee with the other producers. Seriously. It was one of the best "frou frou" coffee drinks (as coined by David Perry) I've ever had. We met at Steadfast in Germantown, and I had a drink called Atlas. … Continue reading Production Day 2

Production Day 1

Today was a special and magical day. As I sit here, reflecting on the days events while sipping on some Basil Hayden a dear friend got me for my birthday, I have to say it was an incredible (and super fast) day. Watching a feature production kick into gear is not unlike what I imagine … Continue reading Production Day 1

Preproduction – Last Day

Today was the last day of preproduction. Tomorrow is our first day of principal photography (aka - we're making a movie!). For many on our team, they were frantically packing and moving and preparing for tomorrow. For others, we were scouting a new location and going over shot lists and our first week with a … Continue reading Preproduction – Last Day

Preproduction – The Weekend Before Production

It's the weekend before we start filming Other Versions of You. It's been a quiet weekend for me, as I try to get away from the production and spend a little time with my family. This next month with be intense (I'll probably work 12-15 hour days), so capitalizing on the free moments is vital. … Continue reading Preproduction – The Weekend Before Production

Preproduction Day 19

It started with an early morning meeting with producers to make one final pass at the script. Here's how it works: The shooting script starts out white. The writer locks it. Now, any changes made and sent out in the next wave will be blue. This allows people to only print the new pages and put … Continue reading Preproduction Day 19

Preproduction Day 17

We're less than a week away from shooting the film. The amount of decisions I feel I'm making on a daily basis right now only rival the amount of calories needed to sustain the human body. First of all, and I've said this before, the key to making anything great is surrounding yourself with great … Continue reading Preproduction Day 17